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Brother George Synan

What is the Brother George Synan Society of Planned Giving?

A planned giving society is one in which benefactors can give a significant gift to De La Salle Collegiate through their estate. Our society will be named after our number one fan - Brother George Synan. Naming our planned giving society after Brother George would keep his light shining brilliantly for decades to come at De La Salle. His spirit will live through your philanthropy.

Brother George was a positive, guiding light at De La Salle Collegiate and throughout the city of Detroit for 49 years. It is well documented that even though he never drove a car, this would not stop him from visiting the sick or paying his respects at the funeral of an alumni or friend.

Brother George lived and preached the words of our founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, and said, "No boy should be turned away from an education because of a lack of funds." Brother George spent 73 years as a Christian Brother, trying to make these words a reality for many young men.

In order to become a member of the Brother George Synan Society, we ask that you remember De La Salle through a deferred gift. Please contact Director of Planned Giving, Dennis Koch, '94 to set up an appointment today.